Our Rooms


The Nest - Babies


Learning is focused on developing relationships, confidence to explore, verbal and nonverbal communication, and fine and gross motor skills.

Our teaching is strongly influenced by RIE philosophy which promotes respect for the infant by talking to them about what is happening and encouraging individuality and creativity.

We understand that transition from home can be a difficult time so we allow as much time for this as your family require. We keep in close contact with you throughout this process and ensure we support routines from home, such as your child's sleep routine having two separate sleep rooms ensures minimal disruption to our sleeping children.

We provide a full meal service where the children are provided morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. All meals are suited to your child's dietary and age requirements. We are also happy to feed your child breakfast (that you have provided) if you arrive before 8.30am.


Piwakawaka - 2 - 5 years


In our Piwakawaka room, the teachers strive to give each individual child a sense of belonging through close supervision and one on one interactions. We encourage independence, socialisation, self-help skills, language development and support in making good choices.

As teachers we feel that the parents/whanau play the most important role in a child's development, as we place such high value on this role, we encourage an open line of communication to all families. We create an environment that extends the child’s interests with a variety of resources and learning experiences which encourage participation and develop varying developmental areas of growth.

The children are provided with a rich range of resources and equipment, including i-pads and digital cameras, to engage and stimulate their minds and imaginations. We firmly believe in allowing children to be free to explore and be children while they can. Alongside this free play we provide teacher led activities based on the children's interests.

Meal times are a communal, enjoyable time where the teachers sit at the table with the children, modelling appropriate table manners and positive eating habits.

Our quiet sleep room ensures our youngest children are provided with a space for uninterrupted sleep and our 3-4 year olds have a space to rest when required.



Tui - Transition to School Group


The Tui group focuses on allowing our oldest children the opportunity to develop further awareness of and excitement for the upcoming transition to school.

We work with the local primary schools to identify strategies that support a successful transition to school for each child. Parental involvement is encouraged to seek child aspirations, and engage a consistent support network for the child between the home and centre environments.